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23 August 2016 - 5:51pm
Not Easy to Do Business
Health Tech Company
New Delhi

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Get credit
Corrupt officials who asked for bribes
Tax Scrutiny notice came over with standard 30 pointer across the industry irrespective of whether things were applicable to us or not. After submitting a big bunch of documents, another requirement came over with 20 additional points which was not relevant to us. We appeared 5-6 times in order to settle the case and finally we had to carry 20 files and folders with us to show them few invoices of their consent. Then we needed something else to close the case as he was not able to find any fault in records.
Keep your accounts updated with all documents supporting for all major expenses
Audit should be done in detail and with proper annexures
Proper approvals from Directors on major Capex & Opex expenses
Tax Audit should be properly documented
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