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12 December 2016 - 4:35pm
Not Easy to Do Business
Service Industry

Rating of the department on the basis of:

Register the business
Corrupt officials who asked for bribes
Obtaining an authorized licence from government department means you have to compromise on your values of honesty and seek support of/ obtain help from corrupt government officials who have every rule in their book to extract bribe from you and they will see to it that the strings are in their own hands. You are mere puppets in their hands. The problem is actually the lower level government officials who give reports and file notings to top officials who act on those reports depending on their staff which makes it a must for the businessmen to have a good rapport with these junior staff members. It would be a welcome step if officials find out the reality instead on depending on notes of his dealing clerks.
Avoid doing business which involves taking permissions and licenses from government authorities.
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