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11 September 2016 - 8:35pm
Not Easy to Do Business
Manufacturing/ Packaging
Uttar Pradesh
Greater Noida

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Get electricity connection
Confusing laws that say different things
There was denial for commercial electric connection on freehold plots. They agreed later, after repeated requests and talking strictly in a stern tone. I needed to get commercial connection to another freehold plot and I am not sure whether I will be able to get that without paying bribe or not.
Auditors also tell you a lot of rules at the time of inspection, seek monetary benefits to turn a blind eye. There is no website or one place where we can get a list of all the rules to be followed.

The process of registering a firm is also ironical.
They ask three guarantors who have been doing business for last couple of years (I think 3 or more) and have been filing returns timely. In case you do not have three guarantors you can also get a fixed deposit opened of 25,000 in the name of the firm and use that as the guarantee. Now the irony here is that hardly any bank would accept to open a fixed deposit in the name of the firm which is not yet registered. Since we did not know enough businessmen in Greater
Noida, we visited a number of banks who refused to accept money and open a FD in the firm's name. Luckily I met a bank manager who understood and agreed to help. This is how we got a FD and hence were able to get the firm registered almost when we were about to lose hope.

Another experience is that when two different states get involved, different taxes also get involved. This is applicable for goods being brought into Delhi from another state on C.S.T. We need to share a copy of bill with the Delhi client who then sends a D-form and only then can the goods be brought into Delhi with the bill and the D-form from the client. This form contains same information present on the bill i.e. - date, goods, quantity, vehicle registration number and the billed amount. This process can be managed if you bill electronically and share the documents via email. Doing the same manually will involve additional delays. I think GST might be a big step in resolving this issue.
You need to know influential people to get your work done or be prepared to argue trying to make the officials understand your rational.
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