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Submitted by Prashant
16 December 2016 - 1:51pm
Not Easy to Do Business
Manufacturing SME

Rating of the department on the basis of:

  • Register the business
  • Pay taxes
Confusing laws that say different things
There are various problems if one wants to start their own business in India.

Firstly, the confusion of requirements to start business. Unless you contact a broker or a CA, you cannot get required certificates done.

Secondly, taxation. There are whole lot of tax procedures which are too complicated. VAT, CST, Income tax, TDS- the list is endless. There are too many loopholes and too many things to take care of.

Every month, the tax clerk comes to our office and takes 300 rupees just to ensure we are compliant and in no trouble, and gives his signature on our monthly VAT returns. If we dont pay him, it would atleast take 2 days of our time to get things done properly.
Hire a good CA or a broker. Bribes are commonplace; don't be surprised if you're asked for one.
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