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7 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Manufacturing/ Packaging Uttar Pradesh Greater Noida 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 Get electricity connection Confusing laws that say different things There was denial for commercial electric connection on freehold plots. They agreed later, after repeated requests and talking strictly in a stern tone. I needed to get commercial connection to another freehold plot and I am not sure whether I will be able to get that without paying bribe or not.
Auditors also tell you a lot of rules at the time of inspection, seek monetary benefits to turn a blind eye. There is no website or one place where we can get a list of all the rules to be followed.

The process of registering a firm is also ironical.
They ask three guarantors who have been doing business for last couple of years (I think 3 or more) and have been filing returns timely. In case you do not have three guarantors you can also get a fixed deposit opened of 25,000 in the name of the firm and use that as the guarantee. Now the irony here is that hardly any bank would accept to open a fixed deposit in the name of the firm which is not yet registered. Since we did not know enough businessmen in Greater
Noida, we visited a number of banks who refused to accept money and open a FD in the firm's name. Luckily I met a bank manager who understood and agreed to help. This is how we got a FD and hence were able to get the firm registered almost when we were about to lose hope.

Another experience is that when two different states get involved, different taxes also get involved. This is applicable for goods being brought into Delhi from another state on C.S.T. We need to share a copy of bill with the Delhi client who then sends a D-form and only then can the goods be brought into Delhi with the bill and the D-form from the client. This form contains same information present on the bill i.e. - date, goods, quantity, vehicle registration number and the billed amount. This process can be managed if you bill electronically and share the documents via email. Doing the same manually will involve additional delays. I think GST might be a big step in resolving this issue.
You need to know influential people to get your work done or be prepared to argue trying to make the officials understand your rational. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9868639096 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
4 Anonymous (not verified) Easy to Do Business Public Relations Haryana Faridabad 4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 Other Work independently Self employed so did not need much documentation or Govt intervention None Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9899175275 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
48 Prashant Easy to Do Business Restaurant Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala 3/5 3/5 1/5 3/5 Get construction permit
Get water connection
The process itself was pretty straightforward - I wasn't made to run around. Not much, anyway - except the odd extra copies of my electricity bill.

I did have a little issue with how the whole process is carried out. We could certainly do with a paperless process.

It's also quite amazing how incoherent the government functions. On one hand, our Prime Minister wants to take things online and go digital, and try to get everyone to use online transactions. On the other hand, these government offices have rather weak internet connections, and really outdated software- Windows 98! These offices also did not have an option to pay by card - how do we conduct business, then? Everyone seemed a little fed up with the whole ordeal, frankly.

Thankfully, the officials in McLeodganj were quite helpful, and didn't make me run around. They tried to get everything done by their own deadlines, and in two weeks, I had my own restaurant up and running. A big part went to the fact that these officials wanted to see business flourish in their small town. In fact, they had come for lunch just last week! It feels good to know that among all the experiences I've heard of (and read on the Ease of Doing Business website), there still are some wheels in the system who want the car to run.
One needs to have immense patience, really and has to be prepared to run around. Also, always carry extra copies of every document you are required to bring. Both Abhishek 9167219169 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
3 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Education Delhi Delhi 2/5 2/5 3/5 2/5 Register the business Delay by the department even though I completed the procedure Sample feedback for testing interface Be ready to spend a year chasing permits. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 7042823213 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
8 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Trading Delhi Delhi 3/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 Register property Can’t find information I wanted to know if my property comes under commercial area or not? There was no website or any designated place where I could go and find this out. This was a problematic thing I faced while registering my property. NA Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 8130959618 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
13 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Education Delhi Delhi 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 Get building plan approved They keep asking me to submit some new document every time Its a visious circle Find out a mediator who knows everything and can get things done at one go - a lawyer or a charted accountant. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 01122222222 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
14 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Hospitality Delhi Delhi 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 Get credit Corrupt officials who asked for bribes A bank manager asked for bribe for approval of loan. Don't take loan from government banks. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9818248285 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
18 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Printing/Designing Delhi Delhi 2/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 Register the business Other - As I attempted to register my business, I faced a lot of problems. To start with, the laws are confusing pertaining to my industry. The designing and printing industry has made their own rules for invoicing. Even though I should have the right to decide the amount that I am charging for my services but the government insists on keeping their authority and decides it for me. The government officials are not supportive and there is no consensus on the documents requested by different departments. They made me run from pillar to post without giving any clarity. I also did not receive any support from the financial institutions to start my own company. - Senior Department Officials Vishal Arora 9212513666 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
32 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Software Delhi Delhi 3/5 2/5 2/5 3/5 Register the business
Pay taxes
File returns under labour laws, environmental laws, tax laws, etc.
Acquiring another business Submitting the same document to different departments I had a difficult time starting my software business in Delhi. I didn’t have to pay a bribe to register a Pvt. Ltd Company but had to pay a bribe to complete the registration of a proprietorship.
There is no clarity on taxation. For example, when you pay someone for their services you have to deduct 10% TDS. I had no idea of any sorts if that person is Amazon or a MNC who have their offices in India and if I had availed their services did I need to deduct 10% TDS. Amazon demanded a full payment. I contacted a dozen charted accountants and even a friend of mine who is in the Indian Revenue Service. None of them had a clue. But all of them suggested paying TDS to be on a safer side. So I had to pay the full amount to Amazon and on the top of that 10% to the dear Government of India. There are so many scenarios where there is no clarity at all.
Investment laws are a total mess. God help you if you ever receive a FDI. I received it once only to the return the amount of Rs. 5 lakhs. This is because the amount of running about I would have to do was not worth the amount.
The legal system is terrible. If I may say, it is effectively a joke. An acquisition of one my products fell through because the acquirer did not want to make disputes subject to the Indian jurisdiction in the contract. In the acquirer’s own words – “the Indian legal system isn’t held in very high regard here” (in Australia).
There are high costs involved in doing business especially in India. My gateway charges a 5% premium (so a 3% + a 5%) for the Indian Businesses because of the increased cost of operations. So an American Company charges only 3% whereas I have no option but to settle at 8%. There are innumerable other hassles as well. It is like a death by giving thousand cuts.

Even in the software industry, regulations are very high. Be patient and prepared to wait for a while to get through.

Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 02026634513 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
33 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Financial Delhi Delhi 3/5 4/5 2/5 3/5 Register the business Other Registration of name I did not find it easy to set up my financial enterprise in Delhi. It took us a couple of months only to get the name of my company registered. Every time I submitted a name, it used to get rejected without any known reasons. It was very time-consuming, taxing and unnecessary. Only this step set me back by three months at least. Getting the trademark registered was a problem because I had to go through a lawyer. I fail to understand why couldn’t I find all the information myself and do it independently without involving extra costs. An entrepreneur abroad can do these things independently without taking anyone’s help. I could have saved a lot of money if I knew the procedures.

Consult some expert who will help you out legally and also in financial matters. I think that’s the only way out because I couldn’t do everything on my own.

Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9649860773 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes