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16 November 2016 - 2:54pm
Not Easy to Do Business
Development Sector

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NGO Registration (Social Enterprise)
Confusing laws that say different things
I am from Muzzafarpur, Bihar. I recently started a new enterprise in the Development Sector. I tried to register a NGO (Social Enterprise). I would say that the services provided in terms of registering the NGO are not at all time bound. It could take any amount of time to get your NGO registered. More over, my experience was that there is no sense of accountability when it comes to the government procedures related to starting up a business or an enterprise.

My advice to other people who want to have their own start ups would be that, since it is very difficult to start a venture in Bihar or even invest in Bihar, you should get your organization registered in any other state but not Bihar.

Krishna Gopal Singh
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