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Centre for Civil Society looks at the EoDB reforms as an opportunity to lift lives of millions of poor both directly and indirectly; directly – by way of deregulating bottom-of-pyramid livelihoods such as street vending, e-rickshaw, cycle rickshaw and indirectly – by way of job creation in micro, small and medium enterprise sector. It is important to not limit the reforms to few sectors relevant to World Bank ratings. The policy makers must emphatically ease out regulatory compliance for micro and small enterprises as well. Equally important is a dialogue amongst stakeholders to make the reforms more meaningful and participative.

In that context, CCS wants to be the platform for all the stakeholders to engage with each other, understand, assess and evaluate the impact and adequacy of the ongoing reforms and recapitulate the same for purpose of policy review.

To sell the idea of ‘ease of doing business’ reforms and its relevance for eradicating poverty and garner mass support for these reforms, CCS plans to document the powerful human narratives online through crowdsourcing.

CCS invites organizations, associations, chambers of commerce, business councils and other relevant stakeholders to join the network and be a part of this initiative.

How you can partner or support

  • Joint advocacy and research on ongoing EoDB reforms
  • Documentary production focusing on barriers to entrepreneurship and the ongoing EoDB reforms
  • Donate for the cause.

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