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16 November 2016 - 5:01pm
Easy to Do Business
Medical Shop

Rating of the department on the basis of:

  • Register the business
  • Acquire land
  • Register property
  • Get registration and licenses under labour laws
  • Get building plan approved
  • Get electricity connection
  • Pay taxes
  • File returns under labour laws, environmental laws, tax laws, etc.
It was easy for my family to set up our medicines wholesale business. We tried to register our business, acquire land, register property, get permissions and licenses under labour laws, get building plan approved, get electricity connection, pay taxes, file returns under labour laws and tax laws. I would say it was easy for us to set up and register our business because we were ready to bribe the officials. In my opinion that is a given and probably is mandatory to get your work done.
My advice to other businessmen would be either be ready to bribe or have patience for the lengthy procedures and formalities in order to start and register your business or start up.
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