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Submitted by Prashant
16 December 2016 - 12:25pm
Not Easy to Do Business
New Delhi

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Investment was troublesome
Confusing laws that say different things
As an NRI, I invested 5 lakhs in 2005 in an infrastructure fund in 2005. Due to US compliance, it was very cumbersome to keep it functional. I was in India for the last two months and was not able to liquidate it due to one excuse or the other- first it was getting documents from all corners, and then demonetisation.

Excuse 1. Signature does not match.
Excuse 2. Your application does not mention what type of bank account you have. (A cancelled copy of the cheque was attached, and it clearly stated it is a savings account)
Excuse 3. ID not attached. (Copy of PAN number was filed with the application)

So my money is stuck for another year at least.
Don't invest in Indian companies.
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