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Submitted by Prashant
16 December 2016 - 5:13pm
Easy to Do Business
Himachal Pradesh

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  • Pay taxes
I have a transport company of my own, and has been successfully running for nearly two years now.

The setting-up took a bit of time, especially since the Himachal Pradesh police is a little prudent about your permits and such documents. But once I got it, it was a smooth sailing.

I would say having someone who has the knowledge of the field is necessary and important- it helps to have someone who has established their business in the field. In my case, I had an uncle in the same transport business, so that helped me out immensely.
Before starting a business, make sure to have a chat with someone who has already established themselves in the industry. They will tell you the potential dangers involved in setting up your business, and aid you if you need anything.
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