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82 Prashant Not Easy to Do Business IT Delhi New Delhi 3/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 Register the business
Trade outside state/ country
Can’t find information I started an IT firm, but it fizzled out within two months. I shortly left the country, and am currently working in San Francisco. Here are the reasons why it didn't work out, and probably never will:

1) Over-demanding yet non-competent talent pool. Bad work ethics. So many graduates, but none employable. In contrast, in Phillipines, you have technically qualified people with no degrees who have tons of freelance work to show as their experience.

2) One employee stole our circuit designs and disappears. Another faked his qualifications. Another got run over while transporting one of our items, we gave compensation to his family but couldn't find the culprit. Installed cameras in trucks where between each state- the police ended up demanding something from truckers!

3) Accounting is really confusing and messy. Border between legal and illegal is very very thin. One of my over enthusiastic employee bribed the customs official and later asked for compensation from the company - imagine what kind of accounting magics you can employ to cover it up among extremely ambiguous and contradictory laws ? Most accountants are part time money launderers. If you are an honest soul, this country isn't for you- sorry, no other way to put it!

4) We imported materials. Customs took items worth double digit lakhs as hostage for stupid reasons. Not much problems in Phillipines or Indonesia. Don't even want to begin talking about the pain we had to go through to export stuff!

5) Clients (read: Scammers) who don't pay, drying up our cash flow. Our clients were renowned businesses in India.

6) Suppliers who take money upfront and don't deliver (read: scammers 2.0). Also renowned businesses in India.

7) Government tenders - bribes, very short notice, unrealistic conditions, money hold up. They expect us to maintain their servers when they don't even have electricity, and blame us for the results of this power outage despite giving recommendations to buy a backup generator. When will babus know the difference between IT and power companies ?

9) Insurance guys who had weird clauses only found in this country. Never trust them - this includes government insurance companies who expect something for validating claims

10) Regulations, Licenses, Permits, Certificates (read: babudom and bribery). Documentation and paperwork is cumbersome and demotivating.

11) Venture Capitalists don't have much funds (compared to Singapore or Canada), inexperienced and hate anything about hardware or technology based businesses (probably they are aware of how risky it was to start in India) - will only prefer e-commerce intermediaries and IIT mafias. The amounts they are willing to invest was less than what I saved working for 3 months in the West.
Move elsewhere, India isn't the place to do business. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous - I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
83 Prashant Not Easy to Do Business Property Delhi Noida 3/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 Register property They keep asking me to submit some new document every time Tranferring a property is perhaps the most painstaking procedure one can go through. I tried to transfer a property to my name, but it took me two months of waiting and running around to get it done. Unfortunately, that too they misspelled my name, but I'm not going through that hell ever again! It's very cumbersome and tiring. Make sure you spell your name right. Media Divyansh Pandey - I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
84 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Clothing Maharashtra Pune 2/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 Register the business Can’t find information In short, it was a nightmare.

I tried to start a clothing brand late last year, thinking that I would conduct a fair business in Pune. I wanted to register my company legally, and pay my taxes duly, irrespective of how my business went.

But after going through this procedure, I realised why people don't take the white route! It takes a ton of time to get everything sorted, and more so to roll out.

Getting clearances from these babus was one thing, and sustaining the business entirely another. It seems like they have all the time in the world to harass us, but not to help us. I am thoroughly disillusioned with the state of the business sector in this country.

Though my business is fairly successful now, I can never forget the hell I have been through to make it till here. I can only hope it is the not the same for others.
Make sure you're wearing running shoes to the government offices, and try and keep a CA handy. Senior Department Officials Kavya 9649860773 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
85 Prashant Easy to Do Business Transport Himachal Pradesh Shimla 2/5 2/5 3/5 3/5 Register the business
Pay taxes
I have a transport company of my own, and has been successfully running for nearly two years now.

The setting-up took a bit of time, especially since the Himachal Pradesh police is a little prudent about your permits and such documents. But once I got it, it was a smooth sailing.

I would say having someone who has the knowledge of the field is necessary and important- it helps to have someone who has established their business in the field. In my case, I had an uncle in the same transport business, so that helped me out immensely.
Before starting a business, make sure to have a chat with someone who has already established themselves in the industry. They will tell you the potential dangers involved in setting up your business, and aid you if you need anything. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous - I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Yes
1 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Retail Uttar Pradesh Varanasi 2/5 1/5 4/5 2/5 Register the business Delay by the department even though I completed the procedure There is clear information. Yet, compliance to it becomes difficult. Also it is time consuming to visit the office and not finding people to address the issue quickly. One has to waste a lot of time... There should be provision for getting appointment to visit the office with assurance of designated officer to be there to address the issue. Something similar to what we have for passport now. Both Amit 9899775911 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
2 Shashi Not Easy to Do Business Banking Delhi N Delhi 3/5 1/5 2/5 2/5 Other Open Bank account Can’t find information I wanted to open a bank account for my proprietorship firm. Banks kept me asking for the PAN card for the firm and Service tax / sales tax registration certificate. However, for a proprietorship firm, PAN card of proprietor works for firm as well. Also, being a new firm, and not foreseeing the turnover crossing 2 lakh for the first year, it wasn't necessary to go for service / sales tax registration. Don't start a proprietorship firm if you are looking at a very small turnover. Both Vikram Saluja 9999999999 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
4 Anonymous (not verified) Easy to Do Business Public Relations Haryana Faridabad 4/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 Other Work independently Self employed so did not need much documentation or Govt intervention None Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9899175275 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
5 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Health Tech Company Delhi New Delhi 2/5 2/5 1/5 2/5 Get credit Corrupt officials who asked for bribes Tax Scrutiny notice came over with standard 30 pointer across the industry irrespective of whether things were applicable to us or not. After submitting a big bunch of documents, another requirement came over with 20 additional points which was not relevant to us. We appeared 5-6 times in order to settle the case and finally we had to carry 20 files and folders with us to show them few invoices of their consent. Then we needed something else to close the case as he was not able to find any fault in records. Keep your accounts updated with all documents supporting for all major expenses
Audit should be done in detail and with proper annexures
Proper approvals from Directors on major Capex & Opex expenses
Tax Audit should be properly documented
Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9910128627 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
6 Anonymous (not verified) Easy to Do Business Construction Uttar Pradesh U.P. 3/5 5/5 4/5 4/5 Register the business My experience was pretty much a good and an easy experience since I took expert advice to register my business. Always take expert advice in the particular state you want to start and register your business because different states have different rules.
Local advocates know the best way out and they will be able to help you.
Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9810053311 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes
7 Anonymous (not verified) Not Easy to Do Business Manufacturing/ Packaging Uttar Pradesh Greater Noida 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 Get electricity connection Confusing laws that say different things There was denial for commercial electric connection on freehold plots. They agreed later, after repeated requests and talking strictly in a stern tone. I needed to get commercial connection to another freehold plot and I am not sure whether I will be able to get that without paying bribe or not.
Auditors also tell you a lot of rules at the time of inspection, seek monetary benefits to turn a blind eye. There is no website or one place where we can get a list of all the rules to be followed.

The process of registering a firm is also ironical.
They ask three guarantors who have been doing business for last couple of years (I think 3 or more) and have been filing returns timely. In case you do not have three guarantors you can also get a fixed deposit opened of 25,000 in the name of the firm and use that as the guarantee. Now the irony here is that hardly any bank would accept to open a fixed deposit in the name of the firm which is not yet registered. Since we did not know enough businessmen in Greater
Noida, we visited a number of banks who refused to accept money and open a FD in the firm's name. Luckily I met a bank manager who understood and agreed to help. This is how we got a FD and hence were able to get the firm registered almost when we were about to lose hope.

Another experience is that when two different states get involved, different taxes also get involved. This is applicable for goods being brought into Delhi from another state on C.S.T. We need to share a copy of bill with the Delhi client who then sends a D-form and only then can the goods be brought into Delhi with the bill and the D-form from the client. This form contains same information present on the bill i.e. - date, goods, quantity, vehicle registration number and the billed amount. This process can be managed if you bill electronically and share the documents via email. Doing the same manually will involve additional delays. I think GST might be a big step in resolving this issue.
You need to know influential people to get your work done or be prepared to argue trying to make the officials understand your rational. Keep it Anonymous Anonymous 9868639096 I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy mentioned below Keep me updated about responses to my report and experience. Yes