Suggestions Made by Stakeholders to The Expert Committee on Regulatory Approvals

The following are the suggestions made by stakeholders to the Expert Committee on Regulatory Approvals:

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) : The report suggests reviewing multiple approvals for the same project and also considered protection of environment to be paramount. Net Present Value was allowed to be deposited in instalments, production enhancement and environmental clearances was suggested to be a part of MOEF clearances.

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) - 1 : The report provides a detailed version of changes which should be implemented through various acts related to finance matters. For example, change in renewal time limit, single window system etc.

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) - 2 : This report suggests a detailed change required in the Companies Act, 2013 like introduction of Single window system, websites of Indian companies having Indian domain, change in duration with respect to holding of such change etc.

PHD - 1 | PHD - 2 | PHD - 3 | PHD - 4 | PHD Expert Committee | Setting up New Business : These reports lay down various suggestions related to enforcing contracts, implementation of E-courts, increasing the number of Judges, courts and tribunals for speedy trials, setting up of Alternative Dispute Resolutions and updating of obsolete laws.

Tata Group - Renewable | Thermal | Hydro | Transmission -Intrastate | Transmission - Interstate | Transmission - Substation | Category | Tata Group Steel : This report highlights suggestions with regards to acquisition of clearance/approvals/permits. The suggestions for obtaining NOCs from the State Government only have also been laid down and asked for a common policy for all the states regarding MoUs.

ITC : This report lays down the regulations for doing business to be uniform and clear but stern and postulated three stages of control regarding permissions and control. Suggestion for compliance auditors and their licensing was also placed. The changes were suggested in all the three control stages.

Godrej group : The report has suggestions regarding Single window system for ease of setting up the business. Importance must be given to online grant of permission and formation of appellate authority in case of delay. Removal of antiquated requirements and duplicate reporting to the authorities with a periodic review of such processes was also suggested.

Hindustan Uniliver Limited : This report lays down a suggestion for simplified regulations for more foreign investment. A minimum threshold for every industry must be adhered to so as to promote self-regulation and reducing the variance in regulations framed by different authorities for the same purpose was also suggested.

GMR : This report makes a suggestion to reduce transaction time as well as cost. A single window system with land bank database was suggested. Exemptions from registration charges for industries having high-economic impact and the rating of industries on the basis of risk so that self-regulation can be imposed was laid down.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited : A single integrated entity under Government of India was suggested by this report for approvals/clearances and permits and online submission of application and a prescribed time limit for approvals was postulated in this report.

Dalmia Bharat Limited : The report suggested that the PSU certificates must be scraped where the forest area is more than 1/3rd of geographical area. The suggestion to amend clause 4.2(i) of the compendium was also laid.